So what IS architectural design ? When you are faced with the fact that professions define the word design differently, and that your own creativity is a very personal and microscopic part of the design - universe, what are you left with ? What is it that makes an individual piece of work valuable ?

Determining the value of creative work is more difficult now than ever because broadcasting is free for anyone. Everybody is talking about this nowadays. What are the differences between Architecture in the world of technology compared to that of building design ? Are there at all any similarities ? Some people would actually argue that there are no similarities, although "form follows function" is a pretty clear parallel when you are considering for example a circuit board and its likeness to a city plan. You will potentially always receive criticism from earlier generations of professionals when trying to imply their philosophies can be improved. So coming out and saying that creativity can be artificially constructed or evolved would certainly be met by the same criticism. That is no reason why you should not do it.

So to put it bluntly, what does programming have to do with Architecture ? Well, a lot as it turns out. If you start to consider the tools that you use as an Architect you could also argue that few of them are creative in themselves. At least you have to combine them with some other form of manual expression to be able to express your intuitive thoughts while also keeping a firm grip on the project. But you could argue that the computer software is un- creative because you as a designer do not control it. Rather it controls you. You have limited control over its functionality, little control over its broadcast medias and little- to- no control over its structure as a program. What i mean by this is that you have not made it yourself, so you have to follow its rules. So if that rule tells you something is not possible, that is as far as that piece of software will take you. You are working inside the proverbial box. So what is it that I am proposing ?

As a simple start read my page on Design Paradigm. We are all VERY used to working in that box - working within the bounds of "our" field. But what if you don't want to ? What if you deeply feel that there are unfound treasures beyound the boundaries ? Should you go for it ? Or should you stay within the safe confines ? I don't believe it is a choice. Any artist must follow his true calling.