Site Introduction
The purpose of this site was originally to contribute to open source software, ideas and information under the topic of design- by- computer.
Nevertheless, the idea of the site's purpose has developed and narrowed onto a narrower path that I follow towards my own specific project. As such the site works as justification for that.

Our brittle and emotionally riddled minds lack the computing power of even the simplest calculators, and in the last 2 decades the general artist has really gotten his/her eyes open for the fact that the computer can also be used for creative(generative) purposes, searching the endless universes of possibilities. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is just about pure calculation . "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" - that is a way of describing emergence. For an Architectural designer this could mean that there is no recipe/situation that will produce the same output twice. I admit that this discussion has been ongoing for many decades in computer science, but it has reemerged several times following the overwhelming graphical advances seen in computer - animated media in the last 2 decades , and technology's move towards a so called singularity.

It seems as though the design paradigm from the view of the artist is putting on a new meaning. No longer are we designing every detail by hand(mouse), but we are making tools that generate different output for every time we use them. By that I do not mean using the tool in different ways. Rather, the tool takes on new abilities as it reacts to different environments. The concept of emergent design has to deal with this , and in my opinion one also has to question THE design paradigm in itself, since the meaning of the word design can be seen to have shifted. What is design ? What is it that you are designing ? The object or of late the tool for designing?
This site therefore will now focus on emergent design aspects, architectural design concepts and projects, software tools, and generative computer design theory.

There are a lot of different fields of expertise introduced through the main menu. Common for all of them is the concept of Design theory they contribute to within the confines of this site. If this is not appreciated, then the site in general will most likely seem confusing.

The site should not be seen as complete in any way, and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Through links and literature the visitor should be able to get up to speed with software programming aspects, but a special interest in the fields introduced is assumed for large parts of the website. Do not make the mistake of assuming to intuitively understand the material here. For more information about downloads please read the disclaimer on the main page of this site, in addition to text - info added to every item.

The front end of this site is HTML and PHP with an integrated flash menu. In addition you will also find content made with WT framework and a back end of C++ for server/desktop applications. It also provides several flash movies. In spite of this flash is not needed to view the site, as the HTML - part should be more ore less equivalent. Be aware that some ideas are hard to diagrammatically showcase interactively using ordinary scripting/dynamic languages, and that is why the flash technology and the specific web application framework was put to use.