The terms CAD and CAAD stand for "computer aided design" and "computer aided architectural design" , respectively. While the term CAD is used for everything from 3d modelling software through drawing aids and industrial design, CAAD is specifically used for Architecture. As of now, parametric modelling and specifically Revit Architecture/Revit structure and its descendants seem to be the future of efficient production - based CAD, and specifically CAAD.

Still most people have more than enough problems transitioning from the standard softwares of Archicad and the traditional Autocad Architecture, into something like Revit. Or they are stuck with 1 perticular piece of sowtware that they know inside out. But what if you want to extend the functionality of the software or bring digitally evolved concepts into the realm of the software ? You can maybe imagine a efficient workflow here within the boundaries of Architectural industry presidents, but your project ideas still have to come from responses to site - analysis, economical analysis, social investigations ..... Those considerations ( and many more ), lead to conclusions that still leave you with the unsolved and more intuitive, creative processes. And those processes are not directly connected to the production software. Still the software making use of parametric tool elements is an ongoing march forward which will no doubt lead to a direct connection in the future.

More to follow....