Client Information:



Gender: Male Female



Genr8 high-rise:






Steps: Integer

Scale of Perimeter: Float >=0

ScaleX: Float >=0

ScaleY: Float >=0

ScaleZ: Float >=0

Representation: Surface B-Splines Polygons

Uniform cells: Yes No

Fixed Perimeter: Yes No

Fixed Center: Yes No

Draw Each Step: Yes No

StartLength: Float >=0

StartPositionX: Float

StartPositionY: Float

StartPositionZ: Float

BranchAngle: Degrees 0

BranchLength: Float


Gravity Magnitude: Float >=0

Gravity Direction: X Y Z

Wall behaviour: Default Cut -off

Random Noise: Float >=0

Random Rewrite: Integer 0

Repelling Points Constant: Float

Repelling Points Exponent: Integer

Random Seed: Integer


Tiles: 3 4

Fractals: Koch Curve Quadratic Koch

BNF: Default Reversible Symmetric Probabilistic

Max BNF Depth: >=0

Max Edge Types: Unsigned Integer

Full Random Rewrite:

Genetic Engine:

Population Size: >=1

Generations: >=0

Mutation Rate: 0

Crossover Points: >=1

Tournament Size:


Genome Length:

View Individual:



Size X: >=0

Size y: >=0

Size Weight: >=0

Smoothness: >=0

Smoothness Weight: >=0

Soft Boundary Weight: >=0

Subdivisions: 0

Subdivisions Weight: >=0

Symmetry: 0

Symmetry Weight: >=0

Undulation: >=0

Undulation Weight: >=0

High Rise Generation Project

NB! This page is under development. Functionality is not complete and visualization is illustrative at the moment. This page will be the main page of the website once interactive content is in full service and will mimic a lot of the visuals of the Autodesk Maya application environment(No copyright infringement or display of copyrighted material, only Open Source solutions)

This page constitutes the culmination of my Skyscraper project. Here lies the possibility for generation of a high rise construction which takes into consideration geographical as well as urban location, requirements for the Architectural plan and section, plus a concept of light - oriented design with inspiration from fiberoptics.The basis for this light concept is a desire to control light in a very spesific way, discriminative in its handling of the window, by diverging from a stereotypical notion of the glass facade.

This webpage incorporates a lot of different technology and is driven by a multitude of software. It is possible to pinpoint a spesific site geographically as well as within an parameterized environment in an urban setting. This is indeed a serious attempt at changing the level at which design is conceived.

Filling out the forms will decide the variable values in the parameters for the generation and construction of the high rise building. The process is not deterministic, so rerunning the process several times over will not produce the same results. This is completely in line with a notion that Design by Computer does not have to be equivalent to computer aided design(CAD) or computer aided architectural design(CAAD) which are notions that limit us mostly to non - creative production of form. These concepts are reiterated and discussed along with several others on this site.

When all data is entered sufficiently the proper construction and neccessary diagrams will be generated, and the results will be shown accordingly. The results will differ, and the notion of architectural design may have to take a backseat to the evolution of the tool itself, and its expression of itself.


Specifically the input pop- up will look like this.

The layout is quite ambitious and demands the use of the websocket protocol + a Graphical User Interface framework that is based on lower level programming.