Genr8 plug-in - File Structure

Genr8 is written in c++ . Its internal structure is difficult to explain easily with 2d graphics, so it will instead be presented here in a lot of different diagrammatic forms.

Intimate knowledge of the C++ programming language is assumed here and appreciation of the material in this section will be heavily dependent on that knowledge.

I start out with the source code of the program. This code is free for use and modification according to the original author( Martin Hemberg), as long as certain copyright notes are kept intact in each source code file.

To get a picture of how this plug-in works one should use different visualization beyond that of the ordinary diagram. Here can be viewed a model of the connectivity of the plug-in, and further the meaning of the different classes, libraries and functions connected. Be sure to notice that this diagram has nothing to do with the physical structure of what is produced by this plug-in. The 3d model is interactive, so each class can be selected for further scrutiny of the source files. The purpose is to build a mental model of the extensive nature of this plug-in, how it interacts with Autodesk Maya, and eventually how it makes an impact on a "planted seed" in a constructed three- dimensional environment i Maya. I also reverse engineered the plugin into a relational UML class diagram, which can be viewed here. If you are used to UML notation you can read quite a lot from this diagram.

The interface of c++ with Maya is also considered in the composed source files, so some explanations of the Maya C++ application programming interface are present.