A3 – Exploding a system

As blogs go, for me personally this is just as much learning as it is telling about it. In Architectural design you have something called exploded diagrams – drawings or models that show all the “parts” – exploded out in a straight- lined  direction according to object- shape, so that you can potentially see the relations of a structure.

First of all I have to say: It seems incredible to me that when dealing with structural notations or formulae, that most people don’t stop and ask questions. Of course on a personal level I do understand because it is frustrating and tough to have to consider and in fact appreciate the logic that propagates through systems described by mathematics. Nevertheless there are obvious underlying problems when doing geometric modelling  virtually or tactile without understanding the logic and interdependence of underlying variables and functionality.

That being said this blog post will only serve as a simple prelude to the complementing “technical” blog post B3. I plan to expose the elements of L-Systems through dissecting the Genr8 Plugin, and I am starting with the elementary math, as I truly do not believe one can be creative with interactive computer modelling systems otherwise.

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